Sothy opened Tokyo Barber Shop in August 2013 with her own personal vision of what she wanted for a barber shop, and how she wanted to care for people.


The “Tokyo” name came from the Tokyo Hotel that was previously across the street from the shop.  Sothy’s father suggested the same name for the new shop because the Tokyo Hotel brand name was well known and recognized by the locals and tourists in the BKK1 area since the 1990’s.  Thus, Tokyo Barber Shop was created.


The shop’s secret to success is rooted in the heart of three simple principles for ourselves:  Love, Truth, and Equality.  There is an old truism that we cannot do for others what we have not yet learned how to do for ourself, but what we learned how to do for ourself, we will know how to do for others.

Love: we live our caring and nurturing for each other so that we may know how to live it for our customers.  Truth: we strive to be consistent between our thoughts, our words, and our actions so that our customers experience the sincerity of our behavior.  Equality: we pamper our customers through the lens of the Golden Rule; treat others and pamper them as we would like to be treated and pampered.


Our vision is to be the standard of excellence for the barber profession in Cambodia and in the process, cultivate respect for it.  The barber profession is unregulated in Cambodia which enables unscrupulous actors and poor, inconsistent standards.  This creates an unpredictable experience for the customer.  We hope to make a difference by setting the example of what a professional barber shop experience should be like.