Our Body Works massage is designed to pinpoint local areas of the body, specifically the head, shoulders, arms and hands, as well as cellulite deposit.


Shoulders Massage:  When the head is held at unnatural angles for prolonged periods of time, the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles is increased tenfold.  Our Shoulders Massage provides deep relaxation to the stressed shoulder muscles, stimulates the flow of blood, and improves functionality of the lymphatic system.  Strong hands work on tense muscles from neck to shoulders.






Tokyo Arm and Hand Massage:  Our Arm and Hand Massage typically is quick, relaxing and provides you with immediate health benefits, such as improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and reduction of the trigger points in the hand muscles.  It helps loosen tight hand muscles and reduces scar tissue that cause decreased finger and wrist mobility, while improving the hand’s various ranges of motion and flexibility.





Tokyo Head Massage:  You’ve had a long day at work and by the time you get home you’re completely stressed.  Your head feels ready to explode with all the tension and you just want to relax at home.  What should you do? Get our Tokyo Head Massage, of course.  It stimulates the scalp circulation, bringing with it oxygen and hair nourishing nutrients with our natural Almond Oil, thus promoting stronger and healthier hair growth.  Our Tokyo Head Massage also relaxes the scalp and neck muscles and helps you sleep better.





AntiCellulite Massage: Cellulite forms from fat build ups deep within the layering of our skin. It becomes more noticeable when our connective tissue fibers push down against it causing the blood flow to restrict, engorging the fat cells.  This is what causes that nasty dimpling effect we all loathe.  The high level of pressure used during the massage literally breaks down cellulite deposits.  It stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, thus reducing your skin’s ability to form cellulite.  Massaging repairs and rejuvenates this system so your skin functions better and in turn, looks better.