Escape your daily stresses with one of our relaxing massages.  We offer our own Tokyo Barber Shop massage techniques to rejuvenate your body and soul:

  • Soft Hands Oil Body Massage:  Soft and gentle hands with long stroke techniques.  This treatment is for a gentle relaxation experience after a long hard day’s work.
  • Deep Muscle Oil Body Massage:  Strong hands work on deep layers of the muscle.  This treatment is best for relieving tension in overstressed areas.
  • Tokyo Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage:  We use organic almond oil to nourish and promote  healthy skin with our own in-house massage technique designed with a variety of soothing strokes and gentle kneading, which stimulates the body to relax at a deep level. This treatment will help increase your range of motion and leave you feeling like a new person.